Monday, March 7, 2011

Fiona's February stash!

Despite what can only be termed a chaotic month, I managed to get to my letters and keep on creating. Exactly what I hoped this wee challenge would do for me...

Here are the next four letters in my black and white and a touch Layered italic letters on white Arches Velin paper, attached to heavy black paper.

I am still folding them to form a lovely folded shape. I now think I am going to make a number of small books and pop them in a box. That may not happen of course, but I am allowing for the possibility!


  1. I am so enjoying the work of the calligraphers, tho' it makes me a little out of step with you. This work is so contained, and the folding very interesting.

    I hope to meet you on Saturday at your opening Fiona.

  2. I love the interesting designs that are created by the folded letterforms.

  3. Amazing, Fiona!! Can't wait to see the whole thing together!

  4. Everything is possible Fi. Am thinking of you & Barry in this chaotic week of yours and wishing you great excitment for the opening on Saturday. I wish I were there.


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