Tuesday, March 22, 2011

God's act B



2nd post


following my first post idea of letters which spell thoughts that stand by themselves, I am now posting the letters which together with the first lot enables me to spell a thought that occupies my mind a lot of the time,

It is us, humans


"God's act B"

is about the biblical story of God creating the first humans, Adam and Eve.

In the book of Genesis, chapter one describes the creation of the world and chapter two which tells us of the creation of these two.

As in my first set of four letters published last month ABC&D I described a beginning being the first 4 letters in the Roman alphabet.

In the second publication I am going back into my childhood where I first started to think about humans as beings outside of myself.

As a child , growing up in Israel and studding the old testament which was something every child had to do from very young age regardless of their personal beliefs, engraved images of the stories are still in my mind today even though I don't follow any of these teachings.

however, the thought that we had come from dirt and that the story is a written theory in a book fits well into this work with the letters made of steel (iron ore)

"God's act B"

From dust..... to dust


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