Wednesday, March 2, 2011

JGR Letters

Hi everyone, here are February's letters from my 'Black and White with a touch of blue texture' alphabet.
My focus for this alphabet is to be a bit more controlled than in my previous letters of 2010.
Yet, I am drawn to the spontaneous, random look that adds a unique feeling: as if it could never be duplicated exactly.
it's what I find most fascinating about the creative process-mine or anyone else's. Our work becomes something like a 'fingerprint' . . .
. . . each one 'speaks' in a different voice . . .
and if I could only speak one word-it would be 'TEXTURE.' Have a great day!


  1. Certainly very controlled Jane, and beautiful.

  2. It can never be reproduced exactly, it is the beauty and fundamental essence of what we do (unless one is a good forger !@#$%$#@!). Love your work!

  3. Oh Jane - these are beautiful, controlled, delicate and intriguing. The layering of the text, tinted blue, behind the letter - loveit all! They will make an exquisite final piece.

  4. very beautiful, a gifted hand indeed!

  5. A very delicate effect - almost cloud-like.


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