Sunday, November 20, 2011

The end of the letters...

Well I've reached the end of the letters - now all I have to do is to make the final piece!  At least we are home now after another 6 weeks or so on the road.

Here are U, V, W and X all from the same size paper. Hmmm U is wide enough but lacks a litlle something in height me thinks.

Y and Z complete the rainbow look.

A close up of the lovely X - so simple yet so dramatic.

The revised V - I used a slightly bigger piece of paper, but didn't have my glasses on as I coloured in the dots so will need to go and re-do a few - laugh!

And a lovely playful jumble of an alphabet. Almost a shame to create some order out of the chaos...


  1. Fabulous quirky alphabet. I'm looking forward to seeing how you put them together. Just by themselves they are great.

  2. F-such vibrant rainbow colours and quirky letters - looking forward to seeing how you pull it all together. B

  3. it's great! so inventive!
    looking forward the final piece.


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