Thursday, November 10, 2011

The rest of Julie's alphabet 2.

I might as well post the rest of my second alphabet, as I have a feeling that December is going to be a VERY busy month! Plus I added a couple of pictures of the whole thing put together.

And here is how I put them all together...The book and box are made out of red bookcloth, and the piano hinge posts are none other than children's size chopsticks! You can find ANYTHING on the internet!

I have SO enjoyed doing both alphabets this year! And even more, enjoyed seeing all of yours! Thanks so much Fiona...brilliant idea you came up with! Plus it's really been an honor being among so many talented artists.
Julie Gray, Albuquerque, New Mexico


  1. What an accomplishment! No surprise that I'm in love with the 'Z' (which we call Zed where I come from). The red is ravishing. Congratulations!

  2. Julie- what a fabulous finish! The letters have been wonderful to follow all the way thru, but wow what a way to pull it all together. I love the boldness of the red and the whimsy of the chopsticks - altho they give each letter a sense of rigidity and purpose as well.

  3. JG - this work is truly amazing - and the final piece is just so powerful. I hope that one day we could show-exhibit some of these works they are so up and out there. B

  4. I have just been having a look back at 2011 work as I have a few moments to myself today and I am really enjoying coming across treasures such as this. They are just beautiful.


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