Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I, J, K, L - Jo

This month has flown and my letters are due again. As always they are colourful, sort of untidy (compared to the VERY well crafted calligraphers work), and could probably change slightly towards the end of the project.

I, J, K, L

Still can't decide the best way to display them.... box, concertina book, or one BIG collaged piece. Does anyone care to suggest an option?


  1. Jo these are SO wonderful and festive! They seem to be saying 'collage', but I know they will look great in any form of display.

  2. Soooo bright and beautifull, like to see the finished ABC.

  3. Jo - full of life as ever and so many points of interest. Putting it together will be a visual feast!

  4. Hi Jo...my first reaction would be in a concertina book. That way each letter can be studied, as they are little works of art. All one piece collage would almost lose the individuality of each letter! But whatever you do, it will be amazing!


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