Thursday, March 3, 2011

Just noticed that one of my letters is incomplete - too late now but I will fix later. A continuation of the free flowing style for the background and a mix of alphabets for each alphabet card.

I tried a waterproof drawing ink, Chin Chin, this weekend and it turned out to be anything but waterproof. Can anyone suggest an ink that is permanent/waterproof? I even sprayed my piece with a fixative and that didn't stop the ink from running. For the letters on the left I am using either Sharpie or Pigma Pens, gouache and a poster paint pen - watercolour for background colour.

Cheers! Violet


  1. This is so much fun Violet! And I;m glad you could see the letter which needs finishing because I can't even after the hint! I love the colour combination and the sense these letters want to get off the page and dance!

  2. Very playful Violet. Love the freedom and movement.

  3. What brand did you use? Have you tried Winsor & Newton waterproof drawing ink ... the one with the spider on the box not the one with the dragon on the box. Love the colour and the lettering Violet.


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