Sunday, March 6, 2011

Kim Schoenberger - EFGH and I

My journey for February has been an interesting one to say the least, as I set myself a challenge within the ALaW challenge to reduce my plastic consumption with each week upon creating my letters. I have found it extremely hard to avoid the nasty plastic, especially whilst grocery shopping, when asked by the shop assistant "Would you like a bag for that?" Politely, "No, I say... it is already in a bag!" (in reference to the packaging). My frustrations to avoid plastic is condensed by the products packaged in. I ask myself, "Do I stop buying them, will it make a difference? It's not going to stop the production of it." I know I am just one person, but I am sure there are many people out there asking themselves the same questions. And will buying in paper packaging make any difference, is this going to help destroy more trees???? aaarrrr!!! What to do??? Hmmm, I decide first - to become ever conscious every waking moment, second - shop at the local organic oasis store where they have implemented enviromental methods, thirdly avoid all plastics and paper bags where possible and use my tye dyed calico numbers...

BLACK and WHITE with a touch of... ME, RED & my focus on PLASTIC!

E - With a touch of... background spiral pattern is made with a lino-cut print using red printing ink, stitched with my Singer treadle sewing machine. I've had a fetish for spirals of late, one interpertation most relavant for me; journey to the centre where insight and wisdom can be found. E is made with a smaller plastic rim from a multi-vitamin glass bottle seal, these can be extremely deadly strangling smaller birds like finches so I make sure I cut them before disposing of them!

F - With a touch of... background black & red printing inks, black a lino-cut, red is taken with a woodblock cut. Another plastic rim to reinforce and remind me! Stitching with my treadle sewing machiine, wax thread stitched F made with plastic perspex off cuts, discarded from my father's perspex factory some 16 years ago...

INTERMISSION.....all of my letters in this particular alphabet, seem to be transporting an internal message for me in some way or another. Some of the messages are very clear and obvious - out in the open, some playful whimsical, some are more serious subconscious hidden messages, I'm feeling they are an internal healing for me one way or another as this is a personal journey but shared here on-line... To explain them all would make my entry seem like an essay, so I feel will need to be put into the final layout of the piece!

G - With a touch of... G has a playful somewhat naughty message. Falling on St. Valentine's Day, a day for love and lovers alike, here I have G with spots - black candle wax from that romantic candlelit dinner, can you hear its message?? (or should I say 'feel' it's message, hehehe!!) Background red printing ink made with woodblock cut, hearts stamped from a rubber stamp used for card making, sewn borders on the treadle sewing machine. G is made with one of those plastic tie fastners cut from my xmas present. (ha! G-clamps).

H - With a touch of... background red printing ink from woodblock cut. Stitching on my treadle sewing machine, the frequent plastic jar reminder rim. H is made with a broken plastic peg cut to fit. I was unsure of my personal connection with this letter, I was thinking perhaps it was for my distaste in having to do the washing! (yes, that is part of it) however, upon looking at here I now see two profile faces within, almost reflecting an emotion toward the mundane task! Like hohum....

I - With a touch of... red & black the usual printing ink; black woodblock cut, red half loaded ink roller. Treadle sewn border and five random ''i's" with hole pierced dots. The regular reminder round rim. I is made with plastic tubeing and the dot a toggle eye, reminants from my craftshop assistant and making days.


  1. The message is loud and clear Kim! It is difficult to completely avoid plastic but I've actually found some bags in my studio (from my potting days) that are quietly disintegrating. A lttle hope? Love the letters.

  2. Kim, these are wonderful! I love the colors and the unique texture!

  3. great work Kim, and the story with it, as always your mind is working overtime. Great to see al this recycled material.

  4. Oh Kim ... i hear what you are saying. You know Kim, I am so thrilled with my little zip purse a friend bought back as a gift from Chicago which is made from recycled plastic bags. It is a super design, suave, strong ... I'll never throw this onw out. Keep your individual protest going, more people are with you than you think. Thanks for the great letters!!!!!! x x gb

  5. Kim - not only are these great art; they have a strong personal and environmental message which makes them even more powerful. I admire how thoughtful you are in your work - how the conversation between the work and yourself takes place and is expressed so brilliantly.

  6. Thanks Jo, it is so hard to avoid plastic, hohum, but I will keep on keeling on...
    Thanks Jane & Mieke - yes M the mind is always on overtime or is that overdrive?
    Gemma & Fiona, thank you. G Its nice to know I'm not the only one who feels this way!! Wow how kool a zip purse made from recycled plastic bags, a keeper indeed! F - wonderful news to hear the 'expressing' is coming across well, especially my fear of the mighty pen!


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