Friday, March 4, 2011

Next 4 letters - e,f,g,h - Lyndell

Many thanks to all who made such positive comments. They were much appreciated.

If I had only known how much fun posting could be!
These are my next four letters in the series.
I can see that the next big challenge will be to combine them into one entity. Perhaps I should have thought of that first.

It is lovely to keep up with all the other postings. I have been impressed with all of the letters - amazing the diversity and individuality of them all.


  1. These make me think of Oriental drawings. Exquisite!

  2. I love the strong verticals in these letters - and the way they fade out (one of my favourite things!) but then the horizontals are so light and playful! They make a great combo and with the marbling paper they become even more interesting as shapes. The negative space kind of tricks your eyes and then you work out yep it's a letter! I'm glad you are enjoying participating - warning: blogging can become addictive!

  3. I'm loving these letters! Besides liking the whole look of your letters, they've opened my mind to other ways I could use some of my marbled paper.


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