Friday, June 24, 2011

Elaine's 'Letter Spike'

I did finish the alphabet as planned last weekend, but the difficulty has been photographing it so that it conveyed the different levels and their transparency, while at the same time cutting out any reflection from the Mylar. The ideas behind this piece was the image I had in my mind of the spikes that were used to hold receipts, one on top of the other.

I used a cork for the base, a very fine short skewer for the 'spike', a silver sequin-like bead between each letter to keep them apart so that they were still legible. I wanted the squares to coil down the spike with a tangle of coloured threads spread out around them.

Even though the idea turned out as planned, the appearance of the finished piece was still a surprise to me, a pleasant one!

Views from above



  1. How terrific to see your idea become real. I love the second view from above - you can really get a sense of the transparency and the letters. The coloured threads really complement them. Beautiful!

  2. Fabulous, Fabulous Elaine - I love the transparency and the interaction between the layers; the whispy coloured threads are an additional enticement! It works brilliantly and I am glad you were happily surprised by the finished piece. Funny how what we see in our mind isn't necessarily what we finally execute - but this works brilliantly!

  3. This looks great Elaine, the view from above shows it well and I love the whispy coloured threads.

  4. How lovely.... sort of ethereal. A real sense of lightness.


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