Friday, June 24, 2011

Kim Schoenberger - layout

A sneak peek of my 2011 Aplhabet 1 layout as I await on two sheets of perspex and small swing tag box (for Z). I've set up a ron day vu for the courier, the parcel will be coming from Brissy and will find its way to a business in Kunda Park where I am to pick it up! :-) I have intentionally left Z to one side, or as I like to call it in "Z"topia...


  1. Kim, your alphabet is gorgeous! I love the colors and the complexity of each piece along with the symmetry of the circles.

  2. A great collection Kim, and the proposed final work sounds fascinating.

  3. I love the dropping off Z - a favourite way of presenting the alphabet! They look so good individually and together it's a striking piece. Must try and get an exhibition happening...

  4. Thanks Jane, I'm also going to have an additional journal on this one, for the deeper insights of each letter.
    And thanks Jo, I'm still waiting for the perspex, and I'm hoping it'll come together as planned!
    Hi Fiona, Z just had to be out there! I always think of the Movie 'Ants' with Zee and his and his search for Z'topia... Yes, an exhibition down the track a must, definitely!


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