Friday, June 24, 2011

Kim Schoenberger - WXYZ

BLACK & WHITE with a touch of...ME, RED & my focus on PLASTIC!

(ME = an insight into,, RED = the life force that pumps through our vains, my focus on PLASTIC = to reduce my weekly consumption)

As my 'B & W with a touch of...' comes to a close, I reflect on my journey of the plastic challenge I set myself which was to reduce my weekly plastic consumption. I can say, it has not been an easy one, though the repetitive nature of my conscious thought each week has made me reconsider saying yes to a bag at the stores and on more than one occassion I've been searching high and low for a bag to line the bin. Its a start and if anything, I have become more aware....

W - With a touch of... black & red on 300gsm paper. I like the faded random look of the inks on the second, third or fourth print and have used them here. W and boarder sewn with the treadle sewing machine. A stick-on tattoo carefully adhered on one side (from my stick-on tat days!) and a black plastic reminder rim.

X - With a touch of... X is double sided tape with fine plastic glitter adhered inspired by my card making days, a random red ink print, treadle sewn boarder, plastic reminder rim.

Y - with a touch of... a bit gaudy really! Coming through from my early years of being crafty...flowerette, heart and round sequins sewn on with french knots, print with round dowel and woodcut, sewn boarder and plastic (repetitive...!) reminder rim.

Z - With a touch of... using what's on-hand for Z, an old dog collar from my little companion Maxy (mini foxie), he out grew of, bold & black reflects his personality. Print; black round dots by lino print and spiral made with a shell. Treadle sewn boarder and the last plastic reminder rim!


  1. Have missed you on the blog Kim, glad you are still producing little masterpieces.

  2. Thanks Jo, I've missed all my blogging buddies! So good to be back, amongst so many inspirational bloggers!


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