Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tardy letters

And tardy Liz. So sorry all for getting way behind in my posting. Like Anna, I need to work right through a project so the letters has been done for a while, where they have been sitting in their file on the computer waiting....waiting....waiting. Thanks for the timely reminder Fiona and the letters say thanks too. So here we go, I'm going to post ALL the rest of the letters, then I'll post their tiny box. Love playing with the shapes of the letters!
m, n, o, p
q, r, s, t,
u, v, w, x


  1. These letters have great character Liz.

  2. These letters hint at so much and leave me intrigued LIz, so I am very keen to see where you take them!

  3. Thanks so much Jo and Fiona, and Fiona you're so right, they hint at the letter but perhaps are unrecognizable as the letter, good thing there is another alphabet to do.


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