Friday, June 17, 2011

Fiona's finale

Here at last are my first alphabet letters all complete and made into their books and a box.

I have been doing my layered italic on white, then attaching to black and using a touch of gold leaf on each letter.  I used what I call a lotus fold which is quite springy!

I made three books, each with 9 'pages/folds' with the addition of a cover page in the first book.  Each book has a gold-leaf covered cover and the three books are housed in a little handmade box; each within their own compartment.

They are the liveliest little characters, always wanting to bounce out of their restraints and take up all sorts of shapes and forms - they are a real delight to interact with.  Here they are quiet and contained, and also showing off!

©2011 Fiona Dempster - alaw2011 in a box 
©Fiona Dempster - alaw2011 on display
©2011 Fioan Dempster - alaw2011 stars and springy books
The last shots how you what fun they were for me to play with.

©2011 Fiona Dempster - alaw2011 fun!
©2011 Fiona Dempster - alaw2011 fun (detail)


  1. So elegant and complete within itself to the world but with a little surprise spring of joi de vivre inside

  2. Fiona, these are so cute, your talent and skill is amazing!

  3. I love that they have a life of their own when unrestrained. What fun.


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