Friday, June 3, 2011


Well, it was just last week that I posted my letters thinking I was quite caught up, then I realized that June is here and the final presentation is due, LOL. Along the way I had considered several ideas for my presentation and this morning I came up with these requirements:

1) It must be constructed of items I have in the house. 2) It must be attached with metal rings.

So I printed and measured and cut and mounted and did a trial run or two . . . then I found the wire clipping tool and cut up the spine from an old sketchbook for the 'connecting rings'. Finally, I went in search of a dowel rod or something like it. I exclaimed out loud when I found the blue plastic stick to hang the metal rings from. For my black-and-white-with-a-bit-of -blue alphabet!!

I had to back up quite a bit to photograph it, hanging proudly on the long narrow wall in my studio. The 'string' is a favorite cat toy, on loan from Mocha. The blue background was more 'dumb luck', found in my stash of card stock. It's nearly an exact match to the hollow stick.
Below is a close-up.

My thanks to Fiona for this wonderful challenge and to all of you for such inspiring work!


  1. Looks great Jane. Amazing what inspiring 'bits' we can find hanging around our work space.

  2. Jane I can't believe you found such perfectly matching colours and could bring all those pieces together! Fabulous - I am particularly fond of the groovy metal rings and the whole binder-look. Congratulations!

  3. I'm with Fiona! I love the spiral binder look, nice work.

  4. Looks great Jane and the clear spiral for hanging is brilliant.


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