Saturday, June 4, 2011

Kim Schoenberger - RSTUV

BLACK & WHITE with a touch of...ME, RED & my focus on PLASTIC!

All square paper still with 300gsm, printing inks taken from woodcut, lino & monoprinting, and sewn on my Singer Treadle sewing machine and the most important plastic round reminder rim (to reduce my weekly consumption of plastic).

R - With a touch of... fun, this little guy is from a bon-bon - kept from my last Christmas shared with my mother, her name was Rosemary. We played silly games with each other, one example; we each had a sand-filled gekko and whenever we visited each other's place we would hide it somewhere. Sometimes it took ages to find! Fond memories...

S - With a touch of... A red monkey from the game 'Barrel of Monkey's. I couldn't resist using it, a subtle pun for me to loosen up, live a little and be playful like a monkey!

T - With a touch of... I liked the look of this print, it was made by wiping back the used ink with a ruler, it reminded me of tree rings - When in primary school I learnt you could age a tree by counting the rings, this totally fascinated me. The T was cut out from a plastic wraper.

U - With a touch of... on a deeper level. You may note this is the first letter without a plastic rim. My reason for doing this is to draw-in the viewer's attention - there is a picture of me inside the U, and no that is not why I am seeking your attention. It's to change one's perspective - to seek (within) & look a little deeper, to see it's message in the text typed with my old mannual typewriter. The frame is a plastic recycled Sim card packet.

V - With a touch of... while experimenting with the inks & woodcut blocks, I saw a V happening in this one, and it felt like the horizon of a valley with the red moon rising, and the red plastic a sunburnt country...


  1. Lovely work Kim. I look forward to everyones final collection.

  2. Love these Kim, love the playful feel to them, T is my particular favourite.

  3. as ever, I like how each piece of work is thoughtful and tells a story - together they will be magnificent!


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