Monday, June 6, 2011

Julie's VtoZ

Ohhhh-kay...since this is the sixth month, I should have my first alphabet all posted. I guess there were more 5 week months than I thought! Let me know if I am correct and we start the next alphabet in July?

Here are the last letters of this alphabet, and all of them put together!

And here they are all together. I made a 'Gallery Book' out of Arches Black Cover. Folded up, the book is 4 inches wide by 12 inches long by 2 inches deep. When popped out, it can stretch to 12 feet long!

If you are going to Calligraphy Northwest in Portland, Oregon USA next June, I will have it there.


Now on to Black and White with a touch of color!


  1. Well Jules, this is fabulous! I look forward to seeing it at Calligraphy Northwest ... super! You really do great work my friend.

  2. Just a thought ... how about I bring my conversations?

  3. Amazing! You calligraphers do incredible work.

  4. Elegant, stylish and so happy looking!

  5. Thank you all! What a fun alphabet it was!
    YES Gems, bring your conversations.
    Here is the description..."Watch for the call for entries for a touchable, calligraphic book exhibit in conjunction with Calligraphy Northwest: Write:Bind:Hold. Yes, you read that right, books you can gently touch and turn pages." We fit that, don't we?

  6. What a vibrant and eye-catchign display of them all - it must be amazing to see and feel in person!

  7. So stunning! I knew this was Julie's work at the first gorgeous letter! The paste paper is wonderful and the cut letters are unbelievable! When you visit the NC mountains you will need to give us a little demo! Would love to watch you craft one of these letters! Best to ya!

  8. Catherine, you would probably find it like watching paint dry! SO glad to see you here!!


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