Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Tiny Letters and Tiny Box

As I said, I soon realized I had to make all the letter in one go otherwise I couldn't remember how I had done them. Ah duh.. so, as they say, I pressed on. Got all the letters done, then had to figure out how to display them. For some reason I wanted them on one sheet of paper, which I knew could be cut and folded, so after some experimentation came up with a plan. Ops, forgot a letter [in my next life I am going to be able to spell, PLEASE], finally printed on heavy paper and folded. Another problem, the white of the paper shows at the folds, no problem paint it; white paper shows up on all the cut edges, no problem paint the edges. By this time I figured I needed another solution. Print on coloured paper. That works, but by now I realize the letters are the wrong size. They need to be 5 cm. and me, not reading the directions thoroughly, have made them 5 in. Re print, all is good. Now I want to make a box for these tiny letter to live in. Wrestle with that as I realize a 5.5 cm box is seriously tiny and I have large hands. and so I attached tiny covers to the tiny letters to make a tiny book that may or may not live inside a tiny portfolio. 

Well I finally got my fingers back, meaning the glue I used to build the tiny box has worn off. John says he sandpapers the glue off his fingers [he builds model boats] but that seemed a bit drastic to me. So now the tiny alphabet has a cover and I think I stop here. I feel like I am working in dollhouse size and I am the giant, but there are some things that I don't feel are quite resolved. I would like a simpler solution, and what I find the most pleasing is the folded paper with the letters, so it's back to the studio. Maybe each letter wants to be a cube, that is the latest plan. Could change, it often does. Besides there is another alphabet to create.


  1. Despite all the problems this has worked wonderfully well. I love it.

  2. Oh I loved your description of the assembly process, I have had similar woes as it took me longer (and more angst) to figure out the presentation than to paint the letters--hah-it is all a good learning adventure and your alphabet is lovely! Worth all the effort.

  3. I love it too Liz ... more books in boxes!

  4. Just gorgeous Liz - and so perfectly resolved (even after all the hiccoughs!). Like Jane I also love the description of the process - it always helps to know what hard work/heart-ache went into the making of a handmade piece I think.

  5. it's so nice! letters, colors, book and box are magnificent. The result is worth your efforts.

  6. Hi Jo, thank so much.

    Hi jgr, so glad to hear of others' woes, began to think I would have no back teeth left, but really learned a lot, next letters are going to be much BIGGER!, I can always photoshop them smaller.

    Hi Gemma, thanks, the more books in boxes the better, in fact more books the better.

    Hi Fiona, Thank- you and hopefully the next one will be a little less stressful, will read over the direction more carefully this time.

    Hi Lau, Thank you so much.


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